Initially Polo had two school districts divided by Mason Street.  The first school serving the entire town was established in 1867 and housed both elementary and secondary grades at the corner of Locust and Congress Streets. In 1927 a separate High School was built on east Mason Street, and in 1957 the current building was constructed on Union Avenue.

Mission Statement:

Polo Community High School strives to provide a quality education in a safe learning environment. Through the cooperation of staff, students and parents our goal is that each child develops to his or her maximum potential.


  School Closing Notifications 

In addition to the TV and radio notifications of school closings, the district is also participating in the txtAlert program being offered by Sauk Valley Newspapers. With txtAlert, you can get school closings and other emergency information sent to you as a text message to your cell phone. To receive these notifications, you will need to sign up using saukvalley.com and look for the txtAlerts link at the top of the page. This is a free service provided by Sauk Valley Newspapers, but you may wish to check with your wireless provider for any additional text message fees they may charge.


updated: 08/01/2012